create your copilot

AI employees to automate business work

The first AIĀ worker that works with humans to automate. It learns from what you do, and can be taught new tasks, just from demonstration.

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Delegate repetitive work to your AI employees

Build and train AI employees to take over manual work so you can focus on high-value tasks.

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Save hours per week

Let AI assistants complete the manual, boring work for your team.

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Spend time on higher ROI tasks

Spend more time on more important tasks that drive your business forward.

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Setup in seconds

Demonstrate a workflow and activate it in seconds, not days.

Launch YC: šŸš€Ā Basepilot: Your AI employee to automate repetitive browser work in minutes

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Logistics & supply operations on autopilot

Inventory management
Order processing
Data processing & forms filling
Compliance tasks
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Back-office admin on autopilot

Form filling
Data entry
Website and directory scraping
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Real Estate operations on autopilot

Property listing on multiple sites
Assessing client documentation
Automate contracts and paperwork
Updating listings database
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Insurance operations on autopilot

Processing claims
Know your customer or business (KYC/B)
Form filling
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